Corporate Responsibility

We recognise the social, environmental and economic impact on the people and resources we work with. We are constantly updating, managing and reviewing our processes to ensure the needs of our staff, suppliers, clients and customers, on which our business depends, are met. We always try to be reasonable in our dealings and we take all feedback and complaints seriously. We have assessed the impact of our business on the environment and have implemented practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

At Hamways we treat holding your personal data seriously and comply with the latest data regulations. For full details, please read our Privacy Policy.

Health & Safety

There are three aspects of health and safety for properties we manage.

  • Aspects of health and safety within your home (Tenants Only)
  • General safety of the building we manage i.e. making sure lights are working or keeping stairways clear.
  • Construction safety when we are carrying out works. This can vary from major refurbishments to simple repair works.

You are responsible for safety within your own home and hazards which arise from your lifestyle however there are facilities that your landlord provides where we will carry out regular safety checks these include.

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Our contractors will contact you to make appointments for safety inspections when they are due. If you require more information about your specific circumstances please contact us.

If you have any issues with this equipment or other health and safety concerns please contact our repairs department.

You can and should check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on a regular basis. For more information please see our FAQs.

We ask that you make yourself familiar the best way to deal with gas leak. For more information please see FAQ What do I do if I smell gas?.

We will ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, that we keep buildings in a safe condition for you. We also have certain obligations specific to common parts of blocks of flats. These include

  • Making sure common parts are a safe place.
  • Managing fire safety including carrying out and complying with a Fire Risk Assessment.
  • Managing asbestos (if there is any).

We will do what is reasonable to ensure buildings are safe, for example by making regular inspections of blocks of flats, but we cannot be present all the time. We therefore need the help of tenants and leaseholders to report any problems or repairs to us. We cannot take action if you do not inform us. Please do not assume someone else will have reported it.

Building contractors are principally responsible for maintaining health and safety while they work, whether it is a major construction project or simple repair. Your landlord however has some responsibility to promote safe working by contractors this includes.

  • Testing contractors to ensure they are competent to do the work safely and also ensuring that all contractors hold appropriate insurance.
  • Passing on health and safety information.
  • Ensuring contractors allocate adequate resources to a particular project.
  • Overseeing the work contractors do and liaising with them on health and safety matters.

There is much you can do to protect your own health and safety and things you can do to help us.  We ask that you

  • Report any problems or repairs to Hamways as soon as you can.
  • Co-operate with us including providing access to your home when required.
  • Act reasonably and do not endanger health and safety of others and ensure other members of your household, including children and pets, also act in a similar manner.
  • Familiarise yourself with the building you live in including use of smoke detectors, position of fire alarm call point, escape routes, reading fire action notices etc.
  • Keep stairways and corridors in blocks of flats free and do not store bikes, prams or other personal possessions outside your flat.

Please co-operate with our contractors while they carry out a repairs. In order to protect your and their safety please comply with any reasonable requests from the contractor

If you are aware of anything in your home which might be a hazard please point this out to the person carrying out any work. This might include a loose floorboard or carpet, slippery or wet floor, uneven steps, sharp edged or broken glass. Please clear personal possessions from the work area as these may be a hazard to the contractor.

We request you keep out of the area the contractor is working in but if a contractor is working alone we ask that you stay nearby so that in the unlikely event of an accident you can summon assistance. Please keep pets under control and look after children and infirm persons. A competent adult should remain in your home while work is being done there.

If you believe for any reason that the work is not being carried out safely or you require more information about health and safety please contact us. On large works we may provide you with contact details of project manager. For all other matters, please contact Hamways’ repairs department

Repairs can be reported using our online Report a Repair form or by calling 01883 730890.

Complaints Procedure

We aim to always provide our tenants and leaseholders with a professional service.

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive from Hamways we welcome your feedback and want to work with you to resolve any issues. If you are unhappy with the initial response to your complaint, we may deal with your concerns within our formal complaints procedure

Sometimes disagreements can arise. If you are unhappy with the service you receive we will always try to deal with your concerns and find a solution. Depending on whether you are a tenant or a leaseholder, there are also third party organisations that can assist in resolving certain disputes. These include:

Leasehold Advisory Service – For advice relating to leasehold properties
The Tenancy Deposit Scheme – For issues relating to the return of your deposit

If you have concerns regarding a building contractor, cleaner, gardener etc., please bring it to our attention.