At Hamways we appreciate the need to provide good quality accommodation, maintain communal areas and create a pleasant living environment.

Our desire is that all our residents will feel safe and secure in their homes and receive good value for money for their rent or service charge payments.

We are accountable and transparent in our business dealings and always aim to maintain a high professional standard of conduct. We only use responsible and competent contractors. At all times we comply with current relevant legislation. We endeavour to exceed regulatory requirements.

There will be occasions when you require assistance or advice in your dealings with your property. Below is information relating to some common matters which may arise during your ownership.

  • If you smell gas, call 0800 111 999. Click this link for more information.
  • During cold weather ensure your heating is left on low to reduce the risk of burst pipes
  • If you are away from your property for over 30 days please advise Hamways
  • Ensure all doors and windows are secure when away from the property
  • All communal doors must be kept shut at all times
  • Report any suspicious activity to Hamways
  • Condensation is a main cause of damp. Click here for more information.

Should you decide to sell your property your solicitor will require information specific to your flat and block. We can provide the information but there is usually a charge to cover our administration costs. Enquiries should be sent to Hamways, preferably by email to You will need to ensure that all payments due under the terms of your lease are up-to-date.

If your lease allows you to sub-let your property this can be done subject to you abiding by the following terms – click link

Please refer to your lease. This may allow you to make alterations to your property. However, landlord’s consent is generally required. Any application must be accompanied with clear details of your proposals, which may include plans.

Some alterations may require Planning or Building Regulations Approval. It is your responsibility to obtain these. A Deed of Variation to your lease or a formal Licence for Alterations may also be required, which means you may have to appoint solicitors. You will be responsible for your landlord’s and their agent’s reasonable legal fees and administration costs.

Where you wish to carry out alterations, which are not permitted by your lease, please contact Hamways for advice. Our aim is to facilitate any reasonable requests.

When applying for consent, please ensure that all payments due under the terms of your lease are up-to-date.

If you own a leasehold property and require terms for a lease extension, you will need to contact Hamways to register your interest. They will then advise of the next steps in obtaining terms for a Lease Extension

There are occasions when you may decide to re-mortgage your property. We are required to keep records of all mortgagees, as they have an interest in your property and your lease will require you to notify us of your lender. Your solicitor will normally deal with this by serving a Notice of Charge. A fee will be payable upon service of the Notice.

The address for service of Notices on your landlord is Hamways Ltd, Hamways House, 104 Station Road East, Oxted, Surrey, RH8 0QB.

If you receive any formal Notices from any authority which affect your property or the building in which it is located, please forward them to Hamways.

In most cases your landlord will insure the building in which your property is located and you will pay a proportion of the premium. Where your landlord arranges insurance you can access a copy of your insurance certificate, block policy and claim form by logging in to MyHamways.

Your landlord will have obtained a comprehensive policy covering all the usual risks. All insurance policies contain important information. Please take the time to read your policy to ensure that your occupation and your actions do not invalidate the policy.

Your landlord does not provide contents insurance. It is your responsibility to obtain this.