You have now signed and completed the formalities of your tenancy agreement. You will be able to register to view a copy of your agreement and inventory on this website.

Contact and register your occupation with utility companies: Gas, electricity, water and telephone – you have the freedom to use who you wish, please note due to GDPR rules we do not hold the details of the previous provider.

If you do need find out who is the current electricity or gas supplier for the property you will need to contact your distributer. Contact details can be found using the following link Who Supplies Gas and Electricity?

Notify the local authority of your occupation for council tax

Your Landlord only insures the building and structure of your property. You are strongly advised to take out insurance for your contents. This includes your own furniture and personal belongings

Meter readings should be recorded on the inventory but you are advised to take these again yourself to pass to your chosen provider for account opening purposes.

If you are setting up a standing order to pay your rent this must now be forwarded to your bank – Please note bank details differ to those previously used.

You are responsible for paying for a television licence. Go to

Check the rules for refuse disposal and storage. Contact your Local Authority at

During your tenancy you are responsible for keeping the property clean and undertaking minor jobs as a householder would be expected to do i.e. replacing light bulbs, bleeding central heating radiators, unstopping the sink etc. For more serious maintenance issues you can use the 
Report a Repair Form on this website or contact our repairs department on 01883 730890 and choose option 1.

We endeavour to provide accommodation which is ready for your occupation. Occasionally there may be teething problems. Please let our repairs department know and we will arrange for these to be resolved as quickly as possible. We regret that our offices are not open on Saturday or Sunday and other than emergencies we may not be able to deal with minor issues until the following Monday. If you have an emergency over a weekend please telephone our repairs line and you will be provided with our out of hours contact number.

When you move out (vacate) there are procedures you must follow. You can only do this at or after the end of your fixed term:

Give at least one months notice in writing of your intention to vacate. You may use the online Vacate Form.

Ensure that your rent account is up to date

Notify all the utility companies and take final meter readings ensuring that you settle all your final accounts.

Cancel your standing order with your bank

Redirect your mail

Ensure all your personal possessions and furniture are removed and the property is left clean.

All keys must be returned as directed on the date of vacation to ensure a prompt return of your security deposit. Possession of your property is not given up until we receive the keys

Notify us of your forwarding address for the return of your deposit