We maintain an approved list of contractors who we instruct to carry out building works, repair and maintenance. All contractors are subject to a thorough vetting process. This process is on-going throughout any relationship we maintain with a contractor.

Our vetting process includes:

  • Testing contractors to ensure they are competent to do the work safely
  • Ensuring contractors hold up-to-date appropriate certificates of compliance and/or registration documents with statutory bodies
  • Ensuring all contractors hold appropriate insurance
  • Obtaining and approving health and safety policy documentation
  • Ensuring contractors have adequate resources
  • Ensuring that contractors provide good value for money and quality of service

If you wish to become an approved contractor or nominate a contractor please contact us using this link: Suppliers and Contractors Form

If you are unhappy with the service provided by any of our approved contractors, please contact us with details. Your complaint will be investigated and your comments treated confidentially and sensitively