I’ve lost my keys what do I do?

It is your responsibility to keep your keys safe. If you are unfortunate to loose them or have them stolen it is your responsibility to replace them. If you need to, you may change locks or cylinders on a like for like basis as long as the change does not require any alteration to the door and providing that the lock is not on a common part door used by others in the building. We do not usually hold keys to individual flats and houses.

We will usually hold common part keys and can provide copies. However we do not provide an emergency service or guarantee that the key we provide will work. We therefore recommend that you borrow a key from a neighbour and have copy cut. Some common part keys may be security keys, which can only be obtained by authorised persons. We usually hold stocks of these and can provide then for a small charge (usually £10 – £20 depending on type of key).