What do if your carbon monoxide alarm sounds?

Never assume it is a false alarm. Carbon Monoxide has no smell or taste. So please

  • Open the doors and windows to ventilate the area
  • Turn off all appliances and evacuate yourself from the property, then contact National Grid for a Gas Engineer to investigate.   Call 0800 111 999
  • Call Hamways Repair Team 01883 730890 and let them know your property address and that you have informed National Grid
  • Ensure there are no fumes in the area (e.g. paint thinners, hair spray, chemical cleaners and aerosol sprays etc.)
  • Ensure there is no outdoor source of CO in the vicinity (e.g. a car with its engine running, heavy traffic air pollution, barbecue fumes etc.)
  • Please leave a contact number with the Repairs Team
  • Once the Engineer from National Grid has attended, please advise Hamways of their findings
  • Hamways will then ask an Engineer to attend if necessary and find fault/repair
  • They will also carry out a full gas safety inspection on completion of any works